www.Skilljob.in is a skill development company which has been created to provide a new paradigm in employment services. It has been started to provide manpower for the increasing demand & to provide employment, economic growth and social employment by training people with the help of skill development programmes .We are enticed to work continuously for skill enhancement, economic empowerment and a better livelihood to make a better world. The organisation has undertaken various skill development programmes under State Government to make majority of population employable. We work with various local & national bodies , with a single objective of providing quality jobs to youth or self employment opportunities.

The organisation has worked on different vital projects to provide India a decent life. We make sure that all the capable youngsters get trained for better employment opportunities
The mission has been involved in various activities like:
- Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

The major objective of the organisation is to provide industry relevant skill training to the youths who will ultimately improve their practical & theoretical knowledge which will eventually help them to secure a better livelihood by effective coordination.

  • Focus on providing exposure in diversified industries.
  • Provide enhanced performance & productivity.
  • High learning environment that will help you to excel in various technological department.