India is a land of agriculture and 70% of Indians work population is dependent on agriculture. Rural areas that are flourishing these days play a vital role in development of regional & national development.

It is a world of new era now where each & every women is equal to men & is competing men in almost every field. In agriculture jobs, the majority of women are higher which makes it important to the value of women shall be increased in agriculture. There are various agriculture jobs which provide latest scientific techniques & innovations of agriculture under this scheme. The organisation provides training to make them aware & familiar with the latest technology & techniques.

  • Agricultural education
  • Classes for women( Agricultural Institutional Class)
Role description:
People involved in agriculture jobs will be responsible for working with research & development team being indulged in agricultural industries, which will be utmost important to fulfil the needs of farmer .They need to motivate farmers to adapt various new & modern techniques for better productivity & high yields. She/he will provide guidance and demonstrations on new techniques & technologies related to agriculture.